Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What shall cook today?

*looks in cupboards*,and says " what shall I cook today?". This I something everyone says at least 3 times a day, well I have found the shout ions to all your problems,  it's called supercook.com, you enter the ingredients you have in your cupboards and viola!, it gives you a variety of recipes to cook. This is so handy for people that don't like to go grocery shopping that often or you just don't have any inspiration on baht to make. Trust me, it will save you from standing there looking in to a cupboard all day. Go check out the link down below and you will be amazed. http://www.supercook.com/#/recipes/All%2520recipes

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Winter Colours beyond the Eye

Because it's winter over here in New Zealand, I thought I would start my new blog off with something everyone has to know this season, what colours to wear. I will be sharing my inner most thought about fashion and trends. So here I go...

Everyone thinks they know what colours to wear this winter. I have asked a group of people and questioned them what colours they are going to be wearing this winter, Creams, Greys, Black, and Layed back colours. All those colours are perfect to wear, but there is such a wide variety of different colours, that people don't dare to wear and mix together. Mustards, Maroon, Navy, Browns, Forest Greens, and millions of types of winter white, which is definetly in trend this season, the list is never needing, their just some of my favourites to wear this season. Some types of winter white can be so beautiful with combinations of all the colours I mention and more. Layering up colours is ideal way to make the best out of your winter clothing, but combining colours is a tricky process you need to make sure they go together otherwise your going to look like a paint bomb, and you do not wanna look like one of those. One of my favourites is wearing da and rich reds, deep amdtoned mustards with forest floor greens are a match made in heaven, in my books. Also various browns and greys just fit together so well, when they are layered and combined together.